Ruby and Tallulah Rufus Isaacs are the two sisters who dreamt up We Are Leone four years ago. Born in Los Angeles, raised in Rome and having lived all over the world in the past decade, they created the brand based on their love of travel and desire for simplicity in the most beautiful forms. They wanted to create pieces that were easily adaptable to every city, beach or event and ones that would transform the simplest of outfits into something that would turn heads and make women feel beautiful. Since the launch of their brand they have since relocated to the beautiful town of Modena and to Los Angeles where they are staying true to their roots.  With enormous pleasure Ruby and Tallulah have welcomed on board a third partner Aiza Qureshi who came into their lives as a die hard We Are Leone client, which blossomed into a friendship... her love of the brand was both contagious and inspiring. Aiza, a London girl, who is now based in Dubai, an entrepreneur and a mama of three, is the piece of the puzzle that the sisters were dreaming of; helping them grow and expand while tapping into a market that is quite literally the next 'hot' thing. Between the three of them being dotted across the globe and with each of them embodying their own form of style, We Are Leone is quickly becoming a staple brand for stylish and fashion forward women all over the world.